Past Productions


The Foreigner, Saturday November 14 2015

Cast in order of appearance

Gary Robertson as Froggy La Seur
Phil Wallis as Charlie Baker
Karen Hughes as Betty
Greg Upfold as Reverend David Lee
Michelle Raison as Catherine
Anthony Taylor as Owen Musser
Steve South as Ellard

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Not Now, Darling 2014

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Cast (in order of appearance)

Lend Me A Tenor, 2013

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Cast (L-R): Bernie Leo as Julia, Nick Townend as Tito Merelli, Sonya Giesekam as Diana, Greg Upfold as Max, Michelle Raison as Maggie, Gary Robertson as Saunders,  Karen Hughes as Maria Merelli, and Phil Wallis as the Bellhop.

And Then There Were None, 2012

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Cast (L-R): Philip Butterworth as Dr Edward Armstrong, David Broome as William Blore, Michelle Raison as Vera Claythorne, Greg Upfold as Captain Philip Lombard, Angela Brinn as Mrs Rogers, Donnie Maclurcan as Anthony Marston, Nigel O’Donnell as Rogers, Karen Hughes as Emily Brent, Noel Castley as General John Mackenzie, and Gary Robertson as Sir Lawrence Wargrave (also appearing: Peter Hughes as Narracot)

Tom, Dick and Harry, 2011

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Cast (L-R): Jim Gosden as Boris, Michelle Raison as Katerina, Gary Robertson as Andreas, Drew Bontoft as Dick Kerwood, Greg Upfold as Tom Kerwood, Karen Hughes as Linda Kerwood, Philip Butterworth as Harry Kerwood, Trish Cox as Mrs Potter, and Dave Broome as Constable Downs

Rumours, 2010

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Cast (L-R): Drew Bontoft as Glenn Cooper, Gary Robertson as Lenny Ganz, Rachael Steele as Cassie Cooper, Michelle Raison as Chris Gorman, Sonya Giesekam as Claire Ganz, Greg Upfold as Ken Gorman, Helen Goodrich as Cookie Cusack, and Dave Broome as Ernie Cusack. Also appearing: Philip Butterworth as Officer Welch.

Play On! 2009

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Cast (L-R): Jim Gosden as Saul as Dr Rex Forbes; Drew Bontoft as Billy as Stephen Sellers; Rachel Steele as Violet as Diana Lassiter; Helen Goodrich as Polly as Lady Margaret; Noel Castley as Henry as Lord Dudley; and Michelle Raison as Marla as Doris, the Maid.

That’s the Spirit! 2008

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Cast (L-R): Kate Duncan as Victoria Greenstreet; Noel Castley as Ernst Slater; Emma Jones as Bella Donna, Drew Bontoft as Bud Frazer; Karen Hughes as Irene Lockwood; Gary Robertson as Inspector Prindle; Venette Lowe as Claire Voyant; Jim Gosden as Wayne Hopkins; Helen Goodrich as Ruby; Greg Upfold as Scotty Nelson; Sonya Giesekam as Anne Boleyn; Paul Watt as Juan the Hermit.

Caught in the Net, 2007

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Cast: Drew Bontoft as Gavin Smith, Emma Jones as Vicki Smith, Venette Lowe as Barbara Smith, Melisah Caines as Mary Smith, Gary Robertson as John Smith, Steve Pearson as Stanley Gardner, and Ross Martin as Dad

Run for Your Wife, 2004


Cast: Catherine Pigneguy as Mary Smith, Ailie McMurdo as Barbara Smith, Gary Robertson as John Smith, Greg Upfold as Detective Seargent Troughton, Steve Pearson as Stanley Gardner, AI Shoesmith as the Reporter, Greg Wilson as Detective Seargent Porterhouse, and Bernie Leo as Bobby Franklyn

This Way Up, 2002


Cast: Venette Lowe as Melanie, Steve Hayes as Damien, Kelly Moxham as Kris, Jim Gosden as Nick, Juliette Dudley as Senior Sergeant Wendy O’Brien, Ray James as Police Officer

It’s My Party, 2001


Cast: Gary Robertson as Ron Patterson, Robin Weston as Dawn Patterson, Jim Gosden as Michael Patterson, Catherine Pigneguy as Debbie Patterson, Kelly Moxham as Karen Patterson, and Steve Pearson as Ted Wilkes

The Odd Couple, 2000


Cast: Gary Robertson as Oscar, Tony Davis as Felix, Jim Gosden as Speed, Noel Castley as Vinnie, Steve Pearson as Murray, Paul Burcher as Roy, Leanne Kuulkers as Cecily, and Catherine Pigneguy as Gwendolyn

The Mousetrap, 1999


Cast: Debbie Botting, Andrew Brown, Helen Brewer, Noel Castley, Linda Gibbons,
Steve Pearson, Gary Robertson, and Dave Thomas


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